Specialised Coating Systems has decades of experience in the spray foam insulation industry, working for throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Spray applied Polyurethane insulation helps in heating and cooling in walls and is very versatile for multiple applications and substrates.

This includes commercial and storage buildings, silos, coolers, freezers and refrigerated storage areas. Water storage tanks and Glycol tanks benefit from the application of spray foam insulation also.

Specialised Coating Systems are one of the largest applicators of spray applied foam and fire rated foam in Australia and New Zealand. We have sprayed well over 200,000 m2 during our time applying this coating system.

We are very well equipped to apply spray foam insulation under slab or soffit and are the most experienced team in overhead application in Australia.

We have five heated plural spray units ranging from low to high output. Our workhorse is a high output Gusmer Marksman which can deliver 15 litres per minute. This machine has been in commission for over 15 years and has never had downtime due to mechanical failure.

Our spray applied foam is third party certified to requirements of Section J of BCA as required.

Specialised Coating Systems use materials sourced from Australian Companies such as Pacific Urethanes.

Because our suppliers operate within Australia we can work with them to tailor the coatings to meet customer's specific needs. They provide technical support to back up the specialised coating systems we use.